Are cannabis license application templates possible? Juliana Whitney from CannStrategy

Are cannabis license application templates possible? Juliana Whitney from CannStrategy
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You might be thinking about how to get into the cannabis industry. This video will help you decide if templates are right for you.

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Juliana Whitney from CannStrategy joins CLN for discussion on cannabis templates and the industry’s application process.

This video was created to assist anyone who is interested in starting a cannabis business or needs a template to submit a state marijuana license application.

We will walk you through the steps of finding what you need, finding it and filling it in.

This video will explain the benefits and drawbacks of using a template for your cannabis license application when applying for state marijuana licensing.

1) The pros: If you aren’t sure what information you need for your application, a template can be a great place to begin. It will give you an idea of what might be required. Because templates are organized in a way that is easy to understand and less daunting than creating everything from scratch, it makes filling out forms much simpler.
2) The cons: Templates can have information that is incorrect or missing due to mistakes made by the creator. Some states, for example, require social security numbers that were not included in the template.

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21+ Please, this is about legal and legitimately lawful (at state level) cannabis industry.
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