Cannabis Insanity New Study – Legalization News – Week of March 20, 2019

Cannabis Insanity New Study – Legalization News – Week of March 20, 2019
Better Brain, Better Game!

Cannabis insanity new study – Legalization News for March 20, 2019.

NFL – calls for cannabis
Lancet – says Cannabis makes you insane
Washington & Colorado – show cannabis legalization is a continuum
John Boehner Supports Cannabis Now
Cannabis Legalization support reaches all time high
Footnotes (Headlines and Resources to Google):
The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across Europe (EU-GEI): a multicentre case-control study (thelancet)
Cowboys’ Jerry Jones reportedly wants NFL to drop its ban on marijuana use (cbssports)
John Boehner Was Once ‘Unalterably Opposed’ To Marijuana. He Now Wants It To Be Legal (NPR)
Oregon initiative petition would allow pot cafes, off-the-job use protections (statesmanjournal)
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