Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis, discusses Amazon’s new marijuana policy

Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis, discusses Amazon’s new marijuana policy

Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis joins “Closing Bell” to discuss Amazon’s new marijuana policy. He also stated that this is important for mainstreaming cannabis. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on Amazon and more: N

Amazon has pledged to stop screening its employees for marijuana, and is supporting federal legislation that legalizes it.

Dave Clark, Amazon’s consumer boss said Tuesday that the company supports the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act. The bill was reintroduced to the House late last month. The MORE Act would make cannabis illegal at the federal level, exonerate criminal records, and invest in impacted areas.

Clark wrote that Clark hoped that other employers would join us and that policymakers would swiftly pass this law.

Amazon stated that it will adjust its corporate drug screening policy to accommodate some of its employees. Clark stated that the company will not include marijuana in its drug screening program. This applies to all positions that are not regulated under the Department of Transportation.

Clark stated that in the past, Amazon had disqualified employees from Amazon for testing positive for marijuana use. We’ve changed our course .”
, considering the state laws in place across the U.S.
Clark stated that Amazon is changing the system for measuring worker productivity (known as “time off task .”
“), Clark also said.
Amazon monitors productivity levels among warehouse workers by logging how many packages they pack, unpack, and store each hour. Amazon’s internal systems log any time workers are absent from scanning packages too often and issue a warning that could lead to their firing.

Clark stated that the measurement system was created to detect issues in workers’ tools, and secondarily, to identify underperforming employees.

Clark announced that Amazon will begin to measure time off tasks starting today. He said, “We believe that this change will help ensure that the Time Off Task policy is used as intended.”

Employees and labor advocacy groups have previously criticized Amazon’s time-off policy. They claim it makes work more difficult and is used to monitor workers. These groups also claimed that Amazon’s constant pace of work contributed to increasing injury rates among employees.

In April’s final letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos, the outgoing CEO, stated that Amazon’s performance targets are reasonable. He acknowledged, however, that Amazon’s performance goals are not unreasonable. However, he vowed to give the company “Earth’s Best Employer” and “Earth’s Safest Place To Work
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