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Clark French, the founder of the United Patients Alliance, traveled to Belfast for the first ever held Medical Cannabis Summit in Northern Ireland. This was a landmark event!

This exclusive report by him for Cannabis News Network shows how cannabis can bring people together even in conflict areas.

The Troubles is the name given to the conflict in Northern Ireland in the late 20th centuries. More than 3 ,600 people were murdered and many more were injured.

Violence on the streets of Northern Ireland has been a regular occurrence for three decades.

In the Good Friday Agreement restored Northern Ireland’s self-government and ended the Troubles.

Clark was interested in learning more about the healing effects of cannabis on divisions and how it can help bring these two historically separated communities together.

Neil Paine is a British former soldier who served in Northern Ireland. He uses cannabis to relieve his pain and trauma. He now feels at ease with fellow cannabis patients.
Northern Ireland is home to many patient stories and people who have used cannabis to help them.

It is clear that both communities see the benefits of cannabis consumption for their loved ones.

About Clark French

Clark French is the founder and director at the United Patients Alliance. This group supports and campaigns for patients who use medical cannabis in the United Kingdom. Clark was 24 when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010.. Clark was in severe pain and spasms. He also had difficulty walking or talking. Clark discovered his treatment, cannabis.

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