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Hello and thank you for stopping bye our website. I wanted to take a minute to explain to you about our products and the differences between them.

First i would start out by saying that all of our products contain the same thing…CBD. No matter the plant it is extracted from CBD is cannabidiol, just like h2o is water. Our CBD is extracted from hemp and  that is what makes it legal.

That being said, the major difference in our products is simply how you would like to take them.

Not sure how much CBD to take?

  • 5mg-10mg as needed for anxiety. This can be achieved with our cbd jollies or a few drops of 100mg tincture.
  • 25mg-50mg a day or more for moderate pain. Adjust until you find the comfort level you are seeking.
  • 50+ mg a day for serious ailments.

Now on to the different ways to consume your cbd and i will also go into a bit of detail on each as I see fit.


We have candy products containing different concentrations. Our cbd edibles taste great and really work.  One of our customer favorites is cbd gummies with melatonin added. These are really good for sleep.


Our cbd tinctures can be used in a vaporizer or you can place a few drops under your tongue for 10 seconds.

The 100mg tinctures are good for stress and anxiety and have been shown to be therapeutic for daily use. The 100mg tinctures are a very low dose of about 3mg per dose if 1-3 drops.

For more severe ailments if you choose an oil choose something with a higher concentration so that you are getting a higher dosing in the 1-3 drops.

Wax and Shatter

First lets talk about cbd dab wax. You can use this one in a dab rig only. It contains 250mg of CBD in 1 gram of wax. To get the dosing you must divide the total amount of dabs you get out of a gram by the 250mg. I estimate about 50 dabs out of a gram but that is up for debate as I always forget to count. If you get an answer please let me know what you come up with. By my estimate you get about 5mg per toke on the dab rig. We also have dab crystal which is the same concentration as the wax only difference besides the obvious look and texture is that in addition to using the crystal in a dab rig you can also mix it with a hot drink. I really like that.

Next up is our CBD shatter that is available in 3 different flavors. AC/DC, Blueberry OG, and Pineapple Express. The shatter is 450mg of CBD in 1/2 a gram of shatter. This is extremely concentrated and translates to about 20mg of CBD per dab toke. The nice thing about shatter is you can also mix it with any hot drink or food while cooking which is rather convenient.


Our CBD syrup can be mixed with a drink or drank straight. It is great for sleep as it also has melatonin in it.


Our CBD pain cream works great. The first time I tried it I was amazed with how quickly it made me feel better. Just rub a little bit on and feel the pain go away.

Last thing  we want you to know is we care!

We care about you being able to use CBD to help you with whatever you’re dealing with. To show it we are offering anyone who wants CBD a discount on our products. Visit CBD Coupon for a special discount.