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Chronic Pain Relief

cbd for pain

Here Is Some Great Information on Chronic Pain Relief:

We are here to guide you in the right direction.

It is common for many who suffer from various types of pain to be looking for a natural option so that they can have a better quality of life without the negative side effects of prescription pain medications. This can be achieved with pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol or CBD.

Familiar with CBD?

If so, great! Then you must have heard of it's many healing properties.

No, you haven't heard of CBD?

Then read on for a brief description... Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 60 cannabinoids or compounds that are found naturally in the cannabis plant. Wait, cannabis? Like pot? Well sort of. Pot, or marijuana is a strain of the cannabis plant along with industrial hemp. Cannabinoids have the same properties but are found at different levels depending on the strain.

Does CBD get you high?

No. On it's own CBD cannot get you high because it is non-psychoactive unlike THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) which is the cannabinoid in marijuana that when heated causes a psychoactive effect.

So how does it work?

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system with receptors made to respond to cannabinoids.

Am I serious?

YES, I am!  Our bodies were created to respond to cannabis for some odd reason?! I'm not kidding, it sure was! Different cannabinoids affect the body in there own ways and can also work with one another. The list of effects of CBD is still growing as we research more and more.

Here is a list of a few of it's properties:

  • an anti-inflammatory

  • anti-convulsant

  • neuroprotectant

  • antioxidant rich

  • immune system booster

  • chronic pain reliever

  • ¬†anti-emetic

  • cancer fighting

  • anti-psychotic

  • amazing GOD given remedy

Here is some more great news!

There are no known bad side effects and CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states!

How is it legal?

Industrial hemp is exempt from the drug code because it has a naturally low concentration of THC. Therefore, CBD derived from hemp is non-psychoactive and products without THC are 100% legal when the oil is extracted and imported from Europe.

Ok, so how does one go about using CBD?

CBD comes in a variety of forms and concentrations including oils, edibles, capsules, and pain cream. How you would like to take it and what you will be taking it for will help narrow down your choices.

So what are your options for pain?

Our recommendation always starts with highest concentration oils.


Well for multiple reasons.

  • One is that you get the best price per milligram.

  • Another is that it is convenient and easy to use because you just use a dropper to put a few drops under your tongue.

  • And finally, because it has the least ingredients which are vegetable glycerin and cannabidiol causing it to be a better option for some who do not want or cannot have the sugar that is in the edibles.

The highest concentration CBD oil tincture is in our 1500mg bottle which has the best price point per mg. Then there is a 1000mg bottle and a 550mg bottle.


  • The next recommendation is shatter, crystal, or dab wax. These come in a variety of concentrations and flavors. They can be used in a dab rig to create a vapor for inhalation or added to a warm drink. The benefit of these products are some have high concentrations and also that inhalation of CBD and the heating of it can have an instant effect on your ailment. For example, sufferers of RLS ( restless leg syndrome) find relief from inhalation of CBD.

  • Then there are capsules and yummy edible candies. The benefit of these products is that you know exactly how many mg of CBD you are consuming so that you can adjust your dosing regimen accordingly. We recommend starting with 25mg twice a day to start out and then adjusting up or down after about two weeks. CBD capsules are again a great option for someone who does not want the added ingredients of the candies such as a diabetic. They come 25mg of CBD per capsule and can be purchased in a 100mg capsule pack or a 350mg 14 day supply.



Last but not least is 150mg topical pain cream. Do I really need to explain this one? Ok fine, apply small amount to affected area and rub in. Rub it on your arms, legs, shoulders, or whatever pains you. Please note: no matter how much of this you rub on your spouse they will NOT go away.



Hahaha, well there you have it. What do you have to lose?

CBD has shown to be safe at up to 1500mg doses. There are no known side effects. The choice is up to you!

Feel the healing power of cannabis and say no to prescription drugs!


And remember...


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