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About US


Hey guys. Kevin and Ari here.😎😎 We are CBDCannabis4u and we wanted to share with you what we are all about.
It all started with our introduction to one of the companies we distribute for at the NVE 2016. I(Ari) had been having chronic hip/low back pain 😣consistently for about eight months at this point, and had complained my hip was bothering me walking around the expo😥. A vendor was set up with a handful of the products we carry and a friend at the time purchased some gummy men for me to try for my pain.  About an hour later Kev realized I didn’t seem to be in pain anymore.  💡Sure enough, that little candy really had taken the edge off for me!😬
Fast forward about a week and the second gummy sat in the pack on my nightstand still. Kev had been having trouble sleeping for a few days. 🤔 I suggested he try the gummy man as it was supposedly good for sleep😴. He took it and had the best night sleep he had in a while 👏👏👏. We decided to order some more to have on hand to try again to see if it was a fluke.
We both took more gummy men for sleep, muscle spasms, and pain. The rest is history. We decided to start our website to help other people find out about this great product.
Over the first few months we ordered a variety of products to try and to sell with positive feedback 👍. I myself was
able to get off of three prescription medications that I was taking for chronic muscle spasms and pain from lower back arthritis, and also my anxiety medications 😵. ( I do not recommend that you discontinue use of medications without speaking to your Doctor)
🍂🍃September 2016 produced some major changes for us and our family. We had made a decision for me to leave my job at an orthopedic surgeon’s office and be home with our children for the year. Just weeks later Kevin’s contracting company experienced a devastating loss 😲 that put him out of business for about the next 7 months. It was at this time that we decided to put all of our time into our e-commerce site 💪💪 with hopes of helping others get out of the pharmaceutical trap💊. In December❄ we hit the road doing promotions for our site. We made stops in Virginia,  Maryland,  South Carolina,  Georgia,  Florida,  Alabama,  and Mississippi before heading back to Massachusetts. All along the way we were blessed🙏 to meet people and hear their stories of experiences with different products that we carried or similar.  So many people thanked us for doing what we do 💗. We were able to educate them on how these products could change their lives for the better. 🚎By the time we got back to Massachusetts we had a full product line, great reviews, and were ready to expand.  We tried and sold many products and kept in contact with customers to find the best of the best.

All along the way we have maintained getting quality products to the people at a great price.
  We carry only the things that have worked well for our customers and that are at a fair price.  Our goal is to help people feel better and to always continue our research to show that we care about your well being.  We are available to answer questions and guide our customers to the
products that will best suite them.
Whether you are a new customer or an old one we are happy to have you here.
God Bless🙏,
❤Ari and Kev